Champion Lyte Background


Egg Cream Leads to Sugar-Free ChampionLyte

There's a direct connection between a drink called the Egg Cream and ChampionLyte.

When Alan Posner, CEO, ChampionLyte, Inc. and Mark Streisfeld, President, ChampionLyte, Inc. became friends, they were both big fans of a drink called the Egg Cream - a New York City area treat that doesn't contain eggs or cream but milk, seltzer and chocolate syrup. Very popular in metropolitan New York, Alan and Mark expanded the reach of the Egg Cream by founding Old Fashioned Egg Cream Company

While marketing their Egg Creams, they received numerous requests for a low calorie, sugar-free egg cream. These requests came not only from those who are diet and health conscious, but also from diabetics concerned about sugar content.

To create a sugar-free egg cream, a sugar-free syrup is needed. Since it didn't exist, Alan and Mark set out to develop their own.

After a great deal of research and development, Alan and Mark had their first sugar-free chocolate syrup in 1998 for use in their egg creams. After selected the highly recognizable Sweet'N Low name for their chocolate, vanilla creme and strawberry syrups and creating availability in more than 20,000 retail outlets around the United States, they turning their attention to sports drinks.

Sugar-Free ChampionLyte Is Born

With the success of Sweet'N Low Syrups, Alan and Mark began looking at the isotonic drink market. Popularly known as "sports drinks," isotonics are designed to replace electrolytes in a body - especially after exercise. They were surprised that there wasn't a sugar-free isotonic drink in the 1998 estimated $2.3 billion market. Dominated by a couple of name brand products, isotonic drinks grew each year from 1996 to 1998 and remain a very strong product within the beverage industry according to a 1999 Beverage World article. While these drinks do replace electrolytes, they also contain high levels of sugar, calories and carbohydrates.

Understanding that diet conscious people and diabetics did not have an isotonic drink, Alan and Mark again turned to research and development. After an intensive formula development process, they introduced ChampionLyte in four flavors - fruit punch, orange, lemon-lime and grape. By the third quarter of 2000, ChampionLyte was being shipped to retail outlets in Florida and up the east coast of the United States.

ChampionLyte Highlights

ChampionLyte is a sponsor of the Diabetes Research Institute, a national diabetes research center located at the University of Miami. A portion of ChampionLyte sales is donated to the Diabetes Research Institute.

ChampionLyte advertisements are being featured in industry trade publications, radio ads, food shows and beverage shows. Some ChampionLyte ads have appeared in regional editions of People, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Road & Track, Car & Driver, Field & Stream and Sports Afield.

There have also been a number of articles about ChampionLyte in local, regional and national publications

ChampionLyte is the official refresher of, a web site dedicated to the interests of fans of professional and intercollegiate sports.

Jay Fiedler, the starting quarterback for the National Football League's Miami Dolphins is the official spokesperson for ChampionLyte. Jay is featured in ChampionLyte's print and television advertisements.

A 30-second television commercial for ChampionLyte features Jay Fiedler and his "brother" Miami Heat All-Star forward Anthony Mason as well as Jay's parents Ken and Donna Fiedler. Ken Fiedler was Mason's high school basketball coach and he spent several years as a member of the Fiedler household.

In addition to the television commercial, ChampionLyte is being advertised on the Howard Stern Radio Show in New York and Miami as well as on the highly rated WQAM Neil Rogers Show in Miami.

ChampionLyte is also the exclusive sponsor of The Miami Herald's All-County Sports Teams program.

ChampionLyte has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the world-ranked and former world middleweight boxing champion, Dangerous Dana Rosenblatt.